Get Curious, a Surprising Lesson in Magic.

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Truth is fluid and everything is an interpretation. 


What matters to us resonates with us. We know something is true by using critical thinking, by feeling, and by knowing. We read a book, consume media, rely on experts, and we feel our own inner, higher truth. Often, we come to understandings, particularly regarding the mystical, from a place of remembering. In these instances we aren’t learning, we are lifting a veil to reveal what is already known deep within ourselves. 

When we remember deep within our own vast and ancient internal sacred tomes, we embody inspiration, passion, we are ignited by that which we remember, the deep truths that spark our soul’s fires.

seeking a lesson in magic

I find myself frustrated when I’m not grasping a lesson, like a child I toss my lessons like a used and useless book and I pout. I pause. I withdraw until the deeper quieter voice reaches me. A onetime bout of childlike resistance led me to this:

Get curious. 

I realized then, I needed to stop getting so emotional about my own path and growth, and I needed to get curious. It’s who I am, and I sometimes need to remember, get curious. 

Curious, it’s in my name, it’s who I am

I’m here on this plane and planet to learn. I’m here to interpret the information, the signs, the truth that lights up my soul, and to decide what it all means to me. No one else can tell me. No one else can tell you anything other than their own interpretations, which will resonate and inspire if they are meant for you.

I wasn’t knowledgeable about awakening when I found myself gobsmacked by Her twisting, life altering ways, and it wasn’t books or media that helped me find my way. My path was lit by my own highest self, by spirit guides, by deities I knew nothing about in this lifetime. Some of us are led to classes, to teachers, to gurus, to communities or covens, I was guided to solitude. And more solitude. And then more solitude. 

Frustration wasn’t going to get me anywhere. Fear was an obstacle. It wasn’t until I realized I needed to relax and just get curious, that I began to embrace my awakening, and accept my inner teachers. 

Get Curious. 

What’s it all mean to you? That’s what’s important. Trade your frustration, trade your fear,  and be Witch Curious.

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