How to Change Your Life With Affirmations

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Affirmations are an incredible tool to boost confidence, self-esteem, find your personal power, and tap into your infinite intelligence and manifestation abilities. In fact, they are such a powerful tool that they are used by any and everyone within the field of personal development; from psychotherapists to career coaches, and…witches.

Whether you are seeking to improve your financial life, your physical appearance, or your love life; these affirmations will help you find your hidden inner power, improve your confidence, and bring new opportunities to fully shine in your own life.

Change your life with the simple effective practice of affirmations

How to Use Affirmations

Any skill we seek to obtain becomes easier and more powerful with practice. I’ve used affirmations for years and years, but like most practices, over time I allow life to get in the way. From time to time I forget to do them and they fall by the wayside. The best thing about forgetting the practice is how very easy it is to pick it back up and start over again. The first step is allowing yourself to be flexible and find a practice that works for you!

  • Choose or create your affirmations. Create affirmations that will present results immediately. When we choose an affirmation such as, I’m a millionaire, well, things may seem to fall apart if we aren’t anywhere near becoming a millionaire, and this is why: to achieve some things in life, we will be forced to grow and develop into a higher version of ourselves.
  • Which is why we should set small, achievable goals. The desire to be a millionaire may very well be achievable for you, but there may be some significant change that needs to come about first. So, be honest with yourself and work on the types of things a millionaire version of you would find achievable: I am powerful, I am abundant, I am confident, I am skilled at what I do, etc. Smaller goals are beneficial. Baby steps equal much larger, easier strides over time than trying to leap into something that you don’t yet believe can happen for you.
  • Choose how many affirmations to use. I use up to three affirmations at a time that are complementary to one another. Choose as few or as many that suit you. For me, more than three is too many to keep track of and solidly focus on.
  • Write your affirmations down. Hand writing affirmations is powerful. Writing by hand helps with memorizing, increases focus, and makes the affirmation more tangible to our experience.
  • Place the affirmations in areas where you will see them throughout the day: the bathroom mirror, the refrigerator, your bedside table, the visor of your car, on your desk or computer. Place a money affirmation in your wallet and let it surprise you the next time you go to buy groceries or lunch.
  • Feel. Feeling the emotion of what you want to achieve is the most powerful element in the success of affirmations. What does the affirmation feel like? What emotions does it conjure within? Be conscious of your choices and tap into those emotions when using the affirmations. One way I get my emotions right when I may not be feeling it, is by dancing. A quick little happy dance can go far to shift your energy and lift you to a positive place.
  • Repeat them. Constantly. Repeat them in front of the mirror to yourself, while you exercise, while you’re working. I would often sing them while I was commuting to work.
  • Switch them out. Once you begin to feel the affirmations are taking hold in your life, let them go. When you begin to focus on some new task or goal, create new affirmations and repeat the process.
  • Trust. Trust in yourself and in the powers beyond (which truly exist within you) that there are things happening for you, behind the scenes. Take inspired action rather than powering through and attacking your goals.
  • Rest. Play. Relax. Sure, sure, there is need for action to bring beauty and success into our lives, but rest and play are significant to the process as well. We don’t give near enough credit to the work that can be done with a short nap!
  • Eliminate the need for perfection. Perfection is not necessary for success. The Universe will flow with you, and understands you. Perfectionism is worry in action, and worry interferes with clearing the path to our desires.

Affirmations, as a practice, are an incredibly powerful tool in our Glow-Up toolbox. They’re so easy to use that it seems as though they aren’t a powerful practice, but it’s worthwhile to dedicate yourself to a 14-day or 30-day personal challenge, following all of the steps to see for yourself the power the simplest practices can hold.

Here are 10 FREE printable affirmations to get you started.

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