20 Beautiful Questions to Ask Your Spirit Guides

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If you feel stuck when connecting with your guides, use these questions to kickstart your practice and begin to communicate freely.

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When I began consciously communicating with my spirit team, I would often sit in silence and not know what to do. I felt silly, sitting by myself, as if I were playing pretend. My perceived absurdity of the process held me back, and for a long time.

When I finally dedicated myself to the practice of communicating with my guides, everything opened up and it became much easier. Using these questions as part of your spiritual practice, tailoring them to your needs and specific situation, and they will help you connect to your guides in a beautiful and empowering way.

What can I do to make our communication easier?

How would you like me to refer to you?

How do you show up in my life?

Do my past loved ones have a message for me?

What do you like the most about me?

What can I best resolve a specific problem I am facing?

Why am I so troubled by ___?

Am I on track to achieve my goals?

How can I better align with my higher self?

How can I love myself more?

How do I hold myself back?

How can I accept myself, situations, other people; exactly as I am/they are?

What one thing can I do today to improve my life?

What did this specific dream that I had mean?

What am I meant to learn from my relationship with ___?

Should I take this job, class, vacation, opportunity?

Can you please help me resolve____ problem?

How can I make more empowered choices in my life?

What is this reoccurring obstacle trying to teach me?

How can I allow more love, money, freedom, opportunity, peace, joy into my life?

Having access to higher guidance brings more ease and support into our lives, and allows us to recognize that the obstacles we face are all part of the program we sign up for here on earth. We are here to learn and grow, to love, to experience. When we tap into our higher guidance, we learn so much about ourselves and our place on the earth. I hope you find great joy within these conversations with your guides.

You are loved and celebrated more than you can comprehend.

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