How to Listen to and Follow Your Intuition to Live Your Best Life

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Intuition is our built-in inner guidance. Tapping into this all-knowing source of guidance and information can transform your life in magical and beautiful ways. Listen to your intuition and live your best life.

Okay, so how do we listen to our intuition?

I’ve always been more likely to listen to my intuition than to logic, but I was insecure about doing so because it felt abnormal compared to the expectations of society. I felt the pressures of things like 5 year plans, relationship expectations, and career strategies and allowed them to derail me from my own highest knowing.

I always tried to leave a whole bunch of room for divine intervention. I naturally lead with my heart, rather than my head, a lot of the time. Still, I confused myself by talking myself out of listening to my intuition. I was doing this because I was scared and my head was full of expectations, those pesky 5 year plans, and worse… 10 year plans.

I eventually found myself in a place where outside expectations were pulling at my life and interfering with my inner-connection, my higher guidance, and heart centered direction. I was being sucked in, too busy juggling everything to step back and listen to my inner voice. The harder I ignored my intuition the louder and more physical the messages became for me.

If you, like me, sometimes find yourself ignoring your highest guidance, or if you have been a person that follows their head and hasn’t yet discovered or explored your quieter inner-knowing, these tips will help you.


Intuition can feel like a lot of different things; excitement, butterflies, anxiety, a sick feeling, a lightning bolt, and sometimes it’s just the tiniest whisper assuring us that we will be ok.

I once got into my car on the way to meet a date, a first date, for dinner. For some unknown reason, that I at the time correlated to a glitch, his name and picture popped up on my phone. The entire screen shining with his face and his name and I immediately went cold and sick inside. I should have gone home just then, but I didn’t. No harm came to me, but it was clear to me later that this was an intuitive sign not to see this person.

Feeling into our intuition; feeling what our physical and emotional response is to people. places, and situations, and learning to decipher for ourselves what those responses mean, over time gives us a sort of super power.


Just as I was confusing myself by overthinking, overworking, and also actively ignoring my intuition; we sometimes drown out our inner, higher guidance. Also, we don’t always know what our intuition is trying to tell us, at least, not without practice. It may be second nature to us to listen, but to really get down to what our intuition is trying to say can take some practice.

Take time for stillness. Meditation or simply just time spent in peace and quiet, going for walks, practicing a hobby, taking a bath; any number of things can calm the nervous system and the mind, allowing us to connect more deeply to ourselves, and with our intuition.

Ask your body. Our bodies are powerful receptors. Gut feelings, chills, butterflies, excitement, pain, a sense of calm, knowingness, a tightening in the chest; there are numerous ways our body conveys our intuition. And realize, most things aren’t urgent, even if they feel like they are. If we ignore our intuition, it will get louder, and if we don’t follow it, another path to the destination we are being guided to will surface.

The stuff of dreams. Dreams are powerful guidance. If you wake remembering a dream, write it down before it gets away from you. What does it mean? How does it feel? What symbolism was present? Keeping a dedicated dream journal can be a powerful way to work through problems and issues as well as help to gather what your intuition is trying to tell you.

Spend time with strong emotions. Realize that sometimes what we think is intuition may be anxiety or an ego tantrum. Being emotionally aware and self aware are surefire ways to more easily decipher intuition. If you’re experiencing big emotions; sit with them, find your calm, and and feel into what is being revealed to you.

Writing. Daily journaling is an excellent way to learn to understand our intuition. Regular journaling allows release and understanding of feelings, provides an insight to how we truly feel about things as well as offers insight into patterns, and can be useful in keeping track of feelings and repeating signs.

Talk it out. Talk to a therapist or trusted friend. Often simply speaking our feelings aloud can give us the boost of emotion we need to determine HOW we are truly feeling about something, and to source out the intuition behind the emotion.


Validation isn’t just for parking. Divination is an excellent way to confirm and validate what you are intuiting.

There are a number of tools that can be used to improve and confirm intuitive insights. Whether your intention is to connect with your subconscious mind, higher self, spirit guides, loved ones who have passed, or a deity; divination tools can help to achieve this goal.

div·i·na·tion the ancient art or practice of receiving hidden knowledge by supernatural means.

Learn more about DIVINATION.

Inspired Action

On the path to success, the difference between action and inspired action is gigantic. When we move through life following the prompts of society, others, or in survival mode we are more likely to slip off of our path, delay our achievements, and invite in additional life-lessons. My own opinion is that we never mess it up, even when we take the long road, and the long road can often feel more rewarding at the end. There is no need for fear of messing anything up.

What is the difference between inspired action and just taking action? Action based upon what others want or expect, what will feed the ego, a choice that feels like it is opposition to the heart; these are all examples of action. Inspired action requires that we check in with ourselves, we tune into how we feel and decipher how we are leading ourselves: with intuition or with ego? Inspired action is the following of our highest, truest voice.

No one can decide for you what path is best for you. You have innate and accurate guidance within, and when you use it you become more empowered. The highest, juiciest, shiniest life awaits on the other side of intuitively made choices.

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