Try Automatic Writing With This Simple Practice

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Automatic writing is a method of divination and is the practice of calming the mind and allowing spirit to bring information through in the form of writing. This is an easy practice, but by that I do not mean it is always immediately successful. The longer you have had a consistent spiritual practice, the easier it will likely be.

I spent years in frequent meditation and spiritual practice before I felt connected to my spirit guides, but some people come to the ability to do so with much more ease. My biggest hangups were disbelief and fear. Although I was a spiritual person, and I believed in higher realms of existence, I still lived with both feet planted in “reality.” I was probably blind to the signs and

This may take you time or you may surprise yourself, or maybe this is just a nice reminder to regard the importance of consistent spiritual practice. Whatever the reason, I hope you find this practice a helpful and loving experience.


As part of my daily spiritual practice, I protect myself. This is NOT because I feel I am unsafe and need to call on spiritual bodyguards because they are already there! I do this as a means to call on my own power, and to acknowledge my protection and belief in something greater than myself. We are the light. We are the Darkness.

We are powerful beings.

As powerful beings, we always have autonomy and freewill. When communicating with spirit, we need to remember this. Spirit doesn’t tell us what to do. They suggest. When you’re communication looks like a to-do list, or even a don’t do list, write it down and put it away for later. We always have the power to make our own choices, and our spiritual guidance will never take that away from us.

Our most important element of protection is our own power.


Most everything we become good at requires practice. Even though we have are innately divine energy in a human body, we can forget our power and our true purpose. A regular spiritual practice is the secret to opening ourselves up to our greatest purpose and our most fulfilling lives. I’ve always been intrigued by spirituality, and sporadically practiced a number of the elements that make up my practice now, but it wasn’t until about 7 years ago, or so, that I began a dedicated daily practice.

The practice I’m about to share with you is one that connected me immediately to my guides. I say immediately, but I had a daily spiritual practice for years before I attempted to communicate with them. Sometimes, what seems to be immediate success is actually born of years and years of seemingly indirect effort. So whether you are immediately successful at this or you become quickly frustrated that the connection feels like it just isn’t there…be consistent and know you will find your way.

Automatic Writing

It took me a very long time to connect with my guides in a way that I could feel I know they have always been here with me, but I couldn’t feel them. I think there was a part of me that couldn’t overcome my idea of reality. It seemed silly to think of energetic beings guiding me, and also, it was so far from the norm that I think I was more than a little scared. So I hesitated to reach out to them.

And when I finally did? They were there loud and clear for me to communicate with.

For this practice you will need a quiet space where you won’t be interrupted, a few questions to ask your higher self or your guides, a notebook and pen, or go digital if you prefer, a comfortable seat, a candle, and some music. I use music from a streaming app or I find meditation music on YouTube.

Light your candle and select your music to create a calm and comfortable environment. Take a few slow, deep breaths to connect with your body.

There are many methods you can use for protection, this is just one of mine. I feel it’s very powerful, and you. may actually feel energy within your body when you try this:

Imagine a light, whichever color you prefer, surrounding you. The light is bright and beautiful, it makes you feel safe and protected. This light expands around you, swirling about. From the top of your head, you bring the light into your body, with each breath you bring it in, and down into your body, swirling and healing, grounding and connecting. This light travels through your body to your feet, and exits like tree roots, carrying its light deep into the earth, grounding you, cleansing. Set the intention that you are safe and protected, and only those energies with your highest good as their purpose may enter your energetic space.

Place your hands on your heart and say, “Thank you.”

Read the questions you have prepared, and wait for the words to flow onto the page. If at first they don’t, sit a minute and wait for them. If you find that words don’t begin to flow, pay attention to your thoughts and write what you are thinking and feeling. Give it time and be patient.

Often we receive answers in a way we didn’t plan. Prior to my direct communication with my guides, I was upset and grieving someone who had passed away just that week. I was thinking about them and I had a question. I wasn’t anticipating an answer, I didn’t ask aloud and I wasn’t seeking an answer, I was just…wondering. My mind went to a book I had bought them as a gift but not had the chance to give it to them before their passing. I found the present, unwrapped it, and there in the first chapter was an answer to my question. I was flooded with chills and I began to cry.

The answer is always there, we may not always know what form it will present itself to us, but if you have a question, it will be answered.

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