How to Find Peace; A Channeled Spirit Message

find peace
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A Channeled Message from Spirit for the Collective. This practice will help you find peace through the chaos of the great change that is taking place now.

All that you know and all that you are is shifting. This can bring great fear.

It may feel as if the very foundation of your life is quaking beneath you. 

Embrace the movement. 

Remember when you are in a space where things around you are moving too quickly the more rigid you are the more painful it is. If you sway with the changes they are easier to move through. 

There is a specific group of people now coming to the understanding that their lives are not what they could be. They know there is something more for them. This message, if it resonates, is for you, 

Swift, fast moving changes are coming. The energies are moving quickly,  within you and around you. Remember to sway, to flow, allow yourself to feel the fear and flow with the changes. 

Make higher choices, choices toward what you want and dream rather than the choices you make just to survive. 

New doors are open. It is time a for great trust in yourself and whatever higher energies you place your trust in. It does not matter what you all them. 

It is a time of great turmoil because great change is preceded by chaos. As things seem to fall apart, realize they are really coming together. 

Imagine yourself looking into a mirror as things in your reality seem to fall apart, look in the mirror, see in the mirror imagine they are instead coming together. 

Carry this image with you. When you feel things are coming apart, put yourself in front of the mirror, see them coming together. 

This practice will bring you peace, over time. 

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